Tuberose Leis




Tuberose Leis – Fragrant Leis from Hawaii

Send the fragrance of Hawaii with a tuberose lei. This Hawaiian lei is beautiful, feminine and very fragrant. This white flower will fill the room with a soothing, sweet aroma that brings the essence of the Hawaiian islands.

We make the tuberose lei in several styles, all of which are popular Hawaiian leis. Tuberose is traditionally worn by women due to the fragrance. So for a Hawaiian wedding this is a perfect choice for a bride. We also add Hawaiian orchids to this lei in a variety of colors. Other flowers are added such as carnation, ilima and baby roses. We can also add ti leaf for extra good luck.

As a graduation lei tuberose leis are an excellent choice for women. The school colors can usually be matched by the natural or color infused orchid we can include. Colors of carnation flowers with tuberose may vary.

Please order as far in advance as possible to ensure we can create and send you lei in time. Leis with color orchids must be ordered one week in advance.

Fragrant Hawaiian leis are not so durable as our orchid leis. We pack them carefully and recommend they arrive the day before your event. West coast destinations have our freshness guarantee.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 6 oz

Single Tuberose Lei, Double Tuberose Lei, Tuberose with Natural Orchid, Tuberose with Blue Orchid, Tuberose with Green Orchid, Tuberose with Red Orchid, Tuberose with Yellow Orchid, Tuberose with Carnation, Triple Purple Orchid Lei with Tuberose, Tuberose with Baby Roses 3 day advance, Double Tuberose and Lantern Ilima, Tropical and Double Tuberose, Double Tuberose and Jade, Double Tuberose Orchid and Bozu 5 Day Advance Order, Tuberose Carnation Twist, Double Tuberose Jade and Roses, Double Tuberose Jade and Blue, Double Tuberose Blue Orchids, Tuberose and Ti Leaf