Privacy Policy

When you send Hawaiian flowers we will never compromise your privacy, sell or rent your email address or any other personal information. We may email you with special offers from time to time but you can unsubscribe from our list if you do not wish to receive these emails.

We use cookies on our website.

Out of respect for our customers, we will never include receipts or invoices in your Hawaiian gift shipments. We know it is completely inappropriate for us to send prices or sales brochures with your gifts, so we will never under any circumstances reveal the prices you have spent on any gift, and we will never market to your loved one, friend, relative, business associate, client, or recipient. Our care instructions and gift notes do carry a brand name and a phone number in case there are questions from the recipient.

When you check out of the secure shopping cart online, it will ask you for the recipient’s phone number. We will not under any circumstances other than to facilitate on time delivery, call the recipient. We include their telephone number as a courtesy to the courier, in case there is a problem with the address or if there is a problem delivering the package.

We will not disclose the sender (our customer, you) on the package, so if you want the recipient to know who sent the package, please put your name on the gift card when you fill in the ‘gift note’ area of the shopping cart form.

If your recipient does contact us and ask who sent the package, we will release the information unless you specifically request that we keep your order anonymous. There is a comments section in the checkout area for you to use.

Registering with us at checkout will save you some time on future orders. We do not store credit card numbers or related information out of an abundance of caution to protect your financial data. You can join our mailing list to receive holiday specials, reminders, new products and coupon codes.

Our order system does maintain all of the information provided when you placed your order. The exception is your credit card information which is passed to our processor in a secure, encrypted manner. We are in full compliance with PCI security standards.

The IP address of your computer is recorded when your order is placed. We do store this information as does our credit card processor. This helps with fraud prevention in the unlikely event someone in a remote location has access to your credit card information.

We know that the foundation of our business is built upon customer referral, which depends upon outstanding customer service. We appreciate your business and want you to feel confident giving our name, number, or web site as a personal referral.