Hawaiian Flowers, Leis and Gifts – Terms and Conditions

Flowers and foliage ship on Monday through Thursday, except holidays.

Orchid plants ship on Monday’s, except holidays.

Leis and gift baskets ship Monday through Saturday, except holidays.

Waikiki hotel gift basket deliveries can usually be done on any day.

Note that FedEx has suspended its on time delivery guarantees until January 16, 2022 due to high volume.

Flower Condition on Delivery – Insurance through FedEx or UPS

Our flowers are cut fresh and packed with care as we have done for many years. We trust our carriers to take reasonable care not to expose your package to extreme weather or other hazards. In rare cases shipment may arrive with damage. For this reason we pay the carrier for insurance. However, there are conditions for the insurance to be valid. Someone must sign for the package for it to be insured. Also, we must be notified within 24 hours or receipt of any patent or latent damage. If you received a damaged shipment and meet these conditions then we will begin the claim process on your behalf. If a makeup shipment is in order then we will proceed with one.

If FedEx or UPS causes damage to your order and there is no signature to confirm delivery you can file a claim on your own with the carrier or through your credit card issuer. Do not expect us to pay for third party damage if no signature is obtained. It may be considered fraudulent to dispute a credit card charge in such a case.

Fragrant Hawaiian Leis – Please Read Before Ordering

  • We classify certain fragrant Hawaiian leis as ‘sensitive’ due to the nature of their flowers. FedEx and UPS will not allow us to insure these leis.
  • These include leis made entirely or partially with:
    • Micronesian ginger
    •  Plumeria
    • Tuberose
  • Alii Flowers makes every reasonable best effort to pack sensitive leis with extra care and packaging material to preserve them during shipping.
  • Sensitive leis are shipped by FedEx Priority which is overnight to inter-island, California and many west coast locations. Other areas are two business days.
  • Late arriving orders may be shipped UPS which is two days to states outside Hawaii and overnight inter-island.
  • Alii Flowers will guarantee the freshness of sensitive leis sent overnight if a signature is obtained at delivery.
  • If your order is being sent to an area with two day shipping only you are ordering at your own risk. Your sensitive lei is not guaranteed and will not be refunded if it arrives in poor condition. Condition problems typically present with browning on white flowers or softening of the bloom. In any case if your lei arrives in unsatisfactory condition please let us know. In some cases we may have recourse with the shipping company.
  • To verify shipping times please contact us with your destination zip code. You can also contact Federal Express directly. The origin zip code for sensitive leis is  96701.
  • Our lei makers take great pride in using the freshest available flowers. Our packers and shippers have worked with these remarkable Hawaiian flowers for years and use industry best practices to insure they arrive in good condition. However, on rare occasions a box with a sensitive lei may be exposed during shipping to temperatures that might damage the lei. For this reason Alii Hawaiian Tropical Flowers cannot guarantee sensitive leis that require two day or more ship times.

Advance Order Leis

  • Some leis may require a three to seven day advance order. This is in advance of the shipping date, not the arrival date.
  • This is due to the types of flowers needed and skill to create the lei. Advance order times are clearly indicated in the relevant product descriptions.
  • Orders with delivery dates not attainable due to late ordering may be cancelled or delayed.

General Terms and Conditions

  • Products shown on our website are available for shipping to all 50 US states with the following exceptions: maile – not sent to California; Song of India foliage – not sent to Arizona.
  • Some flowers may be sent in bud for a longer life.
  • Most standard dendrobium will be double spike unless limited by weather, in which case single spike plants may be sent. This sometimes happens in the winter months.
  • Some flowers may not be available at the time you place your order. This is due to seasonality or high demand. In those cases we will substitute a comparable flower with an equal or higher cost unless your order selects our ‘No Substitutions’ option when placed.
  • Hawaiian flower assortments are not sent arranged. Photos on the web site are examples of how the flowers might be arranged. Full length stems are carefully packed for shipping and agriculture inspections. Care instructions and arranging ideas are included with each order.


  • Your credit card is charged at the time your order is placed.
  • We have security features implemented to increase the safety of your credit card information. This includes encryption of your information and a matching of some elements of your order with the information on file with your credit card issuer. A mismatch can cause your order to be declined.
  • Pay Pal orders that are cancelled due to the buyer’s responsibility will be refunded net of fees for both the cancellation and the refund. This includes orders cancelled at the customer’s request or orders placed too late to fulfill. Pay Pal orders cancelled by Alii Flowers due to unavailability of the product will be refunded net of Pay Pal refund fees.
  • Orders that are declined by your credit card issuer may create a temporary transaction on your account. This can be resolved by your bank, not us.
  • Our system complies with PCI standards which we renew each year. We do not see or store your credit card information.
  • Please do not send credit card information by email.


  • If your order is cancelled prior to settlement we will void the charge and it will not appear on your card.
  • We reserve the right to apply a $15 cancellation charge to any order.
  • In most cases if an order is cancelled prior to preparation we will waive any cancellation fees.
  • Once your order has been tendered to FedEx it cannot be cancelled for a refund.
  • Monthly Clubs – If a monthly club membership is cancelled prior to completion the remaining value will be calculated as the difference between the cost of the monthly membership and the individual values of each completed shipment at their full retail price, including shipping. Monthly Club memberships can be transferred to a different address and recipient at any time prior to shipment.

Changes to Orders

  • Orders can be amended prior to shipment. For items subject to shipping charges we suggest adding to your order by phone to avoid an extra shipping charge.
  • We do not keep credit card information so we cannot simply add a charge per your phone or email instructions.
  • Changes to a recipient address made after shipment will incur a $15 change fee. This can be paid on line or by phone and must be complete before we authorize the carrier to complete the delivery. Changes can result in a delay of one day or more in the delivery.

Shipping and Delivery

  • Our primary shipper is Federal Express. All orders are subject to their current terms and conditions.
  • Some gift items are sent by US mail. The cost includes a tracking number to help us follow your order.
  • UPS is our backup shipper and may be used for late arriving orders. UPS orders are subject to UPS terms and conditions. Last minute orders that arrive too late for FedEx pickup may be sent UPS which can add a day for west coast locations. And UPS may arrive later in the day than FedEx.
  • We strongly advise that FedEx obtain a signature upon delivery. Orders left without signature are considered complete and are not insured.
  • Orders placed with the incorrect shipping address are subject to an address correction charge of $20. This must be paid prior to release of the package to the new address. Payment can be made on line or by phone. We will notify you in the event of an incorrect address. An incorrect address can delay delivery by a day or more.
  • If FedEx or UPS cannot locate or gain access to the address we will notify you.
  • Some gift items are available for free delivery to Waikiki hotels. Delivery is to the front desk or bell desk according to the property. Any in house delivery charge is included with your order. We will obtain a name, time and signature at the time of delivery and will email you a confirmation that the gift was delivered.
  • If the hotel property requires the guest to pick up the package at the front desk or bell desk they will notify the guest by phone. Most hotels maintain records of notification phone calls. If the guest fails to pick up the package prior to departure the order cannot be refunded. We will pick up the gift and offer you the option of shipping it to another US location at your expense.
  • If the recipient refuses your order FedEx may return it to us at our expense. In the case of flowers or leis we will typically have the package destroyed. There is no refund if a package is refused.

Damage to Shipments

  • All flowers, leis and gifts are packed with care including material to maintain freshness during the expected ship time. In rare cases orders may be damaged due to weather exposure or accidental mishandling.
  • We purchase additional insurance on all FedEx and UPS shipments which is included with your order. Orders are only insured if a signature is obtained at delivery. Notification of damage or other problem must be received within 24 hours of delivery.
  • If your order arrives damaged we will pursue a claim with the carrier. Once we are reimbursed by the carrier we will refund your order in full unless we have already sent a replacement.
  • If your order contains the incorrect items or if items are missing from your order please let us know immediately upon receipt. We will send the missing items at our expense if there is time or refund any difference in cost. This is highly unusual as our order processing is computer driven.