Q. How will my order be shipped?
A. We use FedEx for most of our shipments. UPS is our backup carrier for 2 day service only. US mail is used for some gift items. For more info, see shipping info.

Q. When will it arrive?
A. You can schedule the shipment to arrive exactly when you would like, just see our shipping delivery chart. Please allow at least one business day between placing your order and the day it must ship if at all possible.

Q. Can I schedule it to arrive on a specific date?
A. Yes. You will be prompted to choose a desired arrival date when you check out of the shopping cart online. If that date is not possible you can ask us to ship ASAP or cancel for a full refund.

Q. How far in advance should I place my order?
A. You can place your order any time. We appreciate having orders a week or more in advance. You can order up to a year in advance. We have a database system to schedule your order automatically and to track it after shipping.

Q. I am having a wedding, when should I schedule my arrival date?
A. It is recommended to schedule your important delivery for the business day before you will need to use it. Example, if your wedding is on a Sunday, schedule the delivery for the Friday before your wedding. An additional day early will not hurt the freshness of your flowers.

All of our tropical flowers and Hawaiian leis will survive the extra day and they will look nicer if they can rest out of the box overnight before you will use them. Care instructions are included.

Q. It says to have my shipment arrive the day BEFORE I actually need it, why?
A. This is to be absolutely certain that you have your flowers or leis for your important event. If they are scheduled to arrive on the same day that you were planning to use them, there is a higher risk of not having them in time in the event of unforeseen shipping delays or other delays.

Additionally, your fresh flowers or leis willl look better the day after they arrive, since they will have time to rest outside of the shipping box.

Q. How late can I order?
A. While we appreciate advance orders we realize that in the case of memorials, illnesses, cancellations by other companies or other events last minute orders are sometimes needed. Call or order on line as early in the day as possible. FedEx pickup is around noon Hawaii time. We will let you know ASAP if your order cannot arrive on time.

Q. How long will my flowers last?
A. Tropical flowers last far longer than other flowers. Depending on the type of flower, most tropical flowers will last for 2 to 4 weeks with proper care. Anthuriums last the longest, and gingers have the shortest life span at about 7-10 days.

Q. How long will my leis last?
A. Our Hawaiian leis are made on the same day we ship them. With proper care, they will last for about 5-7 days before showing any noticeable bruising or wilting.

Q. How do I care for my flowers or lei?
A. Care instructions are included in your shipment. Basically, flowers should be unpacked, stems trimmed, and placed in a vase. Hawaiian leis should be unpacked, misted, gently sealed in a plastic bag, and placed in the fridge until use.

Q. What is “insulation” and do I need this?
A. In the winter months, your flowers may need a foam wrap insulation to keep the flowers from freezing in transit. This is only needed for fresh flower or lei shipments with destinations outside of Hawaii. In hot weather, we will add wrapped ice to help keep your leis cool. The cost is $5.00 per shipment, so you need only choose it for one item and the entire shipment will be insulated. Note this does not 100% weather proof your flowers. Long exposure on a front porch to heat or cold can damage even insulated shipments.

Q. Will I have to sign for my delivery?
A. We recommend that you sign. FedEx asks for a signature for delivery. You can ask to have the package left with no signature but FedEx will not insure it. If you have a previous signature release on file with FedEx for prior packages from any shipper FedEx may leave the package.

If there is no one available to sign for the package, they will take it back to the station and attempt redelivery the next business day.

If no one will be home, we recommend the package be sent to a work address or a relative or neighbor who will be home. You can also request that the package be left without a signature, but we advise against this and we will not be able to insure the package for any weather or other damage that may occur while the package is left unattended. Additionally, the delivery will be left to the discretion of the FedEx carrier, who will not leave the package if they think it may become damaged or stolen.

Q. Why do you not ship maile leis to California?
A. There are no restrictions on shipping maile leis to California but agriculture inspection procedures there have become increasingly intrusive and have unduly delayed recent shipments. Since we cannot guarantee your maile will arrive on time in California we regretfully have decided to discontinue shipping maile there. A perfect alternative is a ti leaf lei in maile style which will not be delayed by inspectors.

Q. Can you ship plumeria leis?
A. We’ve decided not to. Plumeria are far too fragile and can arrive brown and wilted if shipped overnight. They also require special care after arrival; room temperature is too warm and your refrigerator is too cold.

Q. Can you ship ginger leis?
A. No. Ginger is far too fragile and will arrive brown and wilted if shipped overnight.

Q. Can you ship pikake leis?
A. No. Pikake is far too fragile and will arrive brown and wilted if shipped overnight.

Q. Will my flowers arrive pre-arranged?
A. For Hawaiian flower assortments, no. They can not be shipped pre-arranged, because the arrangement will fall over in shipment. The blossoms will be protected with tissue and newspaper packing. They will include arrangement instructions and full-color pictures of sample arrangement styles.

Protea Baskets are shipped arranged in a container and ready to display.

Q. Will my flowers come in a vase?
A. Vases are not typically included in shipment, because of the weight of the vase and the added cost of shipping. We have a plastic vase available for $10.00 when you order. The vase will hold 6 to 12 stems.

Protea Baskets are shipped arranged in a container and ready to display.

Q. What exactly will be in my fresh flower package?
A. Your gift note (if any), care instructions for the flowers, a full color identification guide to Hawaiian flowers, the flowers you have ordered, arrangement instructions, full-color pictures of arrangement styles, packaging materials and Aloha.

There will not be any brochures, advertisements, price lists or receipts in your shipment.

Q. What exactly will be in my Hawaiian lei package?
A. Your gift note (if any), care instructions for the leis, a full color identification guide to Hawaiian flowers, the Hawaiian leis you have ordered, packaging materials and Aloha.

Q.  Do you deliver flowers and leis to Waikiki hotels?
A.  Our flowers and leis come farm fresh from the Big Island and can be sent overnight to Waikiki. We do not have a walk in flower shop in Hilo or Honolulu.

There will not be any brochures, advertisements, price lists or receipts in your shipment.

Q. Do you have large quantity discounts?
A. Yes. Most discounts are shown on the web site. Please email or call and we will happily help you with your bulk order pricing and scheduling arrangements.

Q. What is a coupon code and how do I get one?
A. Coupon codes provide a discount on your purchase based on a percentage or on a total dollar amount. Coupon codes do not apply to shipping costs or to monthly clubs which are already discounted. Coupon codes may be available from time to time and are sent through our newsletter. To receive the newsletter go to the newsletter subscription page.