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Maile Lei




Maile Lei

Maile lei are a favorite for the groom at weddings, as a graduation lei and any special celebration.

Maile lei are made from a tropical vine that is gathered in the wild. Early Hawaiians recognized this plant for it’s light vanilla aroma. The vines are harvested and carefully cleaned by hand. This takes some time so we need your order as early as possible. Please order a week or more ahead of your occasion.

Maile leis always sell out in May and June. This is due to both local and mainland demand for graduation leis. If maile is sold out we can make an equally lovely ti leaf lei done in maile style. It is less expensive and made with Hawaiian ti leaves.

Maile is not available for shipping to California.

This is a masculine lei that is worn open just over the shoulders. They are about sixty inches in length.

Want to add some color and fragrance? We can add a strand of white tuberose to any maile lei.

Adding tuberose is considered making this a sensitive lei. You must read our Terms and Conditions prior to ordering. Sensitive leis are not guaranteed if shipping takes 2 days or more. Order at your own risk. 

Tuberose is a bit delicate and may brown a bit if not treated with care. We recommend not shipping tuberose over a weekend due to the added shipping day. But the wonderful fragrance makes it worth the extra care.  Your lei should be opened and refrigerated in a closed bag immediately.

Maile leis are a long time family tradition in Hawaii. Since it grows in the mountains here parents or siblings will often hike out to gather the vine for an approaching graduation or wedding. The ‘ohana’ will often add other local flowers or seeds to enhance the lei. We will save you all of that trouble by packing your lei carefully and sending it to any US state (except California) by Priority Federal Express. So you can still be a part of the wonderful Hawaiian tradition of lei giving.


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Additional information

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Maile Lei

Maile, Maile with Tuberose No California Delivery, Maile with White Orchid Strand

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