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Fresh Orchid Leis

Leis for graduation, Hawaiian weddings, birthdays or retirement. Honor someone special with a fresh Hawaiian orchid lei.

What kind of flowers are leis made of? These particular leis are hand made with orchids. These flowers are bred just for making garlands and corsages. So they will stay fresh during the one or two day FedEx trip, and for several days after they arrive. Just keep them in the fridge in a closed bag with a light mist of clean water.

Have them arrive the day before your graduation or other event. Friday delivery is fine for Sunday. For Hawaiian weddings often the bride will wear a double or deluxe lei. The groom might wear the same or a leaf lei. Mother of the bride may also have a more full lei while others in the Hawaiian wedding party wear singles. A fresh Hawaiian lei is the quintessential Hawaiian gift.

If you need more than a dozen or so please let us know well ahead of time. We can add a few last minute if need be. But our lei makers need to gather the flowers and set aside time to put everything together. Note that there is a discount schedule for ordering in quantity.

Our lavender orchid is more of a lighter or blush color. Whereas the purple dendrobium orchid we use is solid purple.

Single Size Orchid Leis

A single lei is the most common size. It is about 40 inches around and closed. If you need small for a child just let us know in the comments, along with your preferred diameter. Singles are made with about 50 loose orchid blooms. Great for a luau where you need a lei for each guest. Special guests may be give a double or even deluxe size.

Deluxe Triple Size Orchid Leis

Our fullest and richest flower lei. We use about two hundred fresh orchid blossoms to sew this magnificent lei. Ideal for the bride, groom, graduate or other guest of honor.

This can be a bit too full for someone smaller or if they will be very active while wearing it. In those cases the double might be more suitable.

How to care for your orchid leis

Looking for ideas to go with that graduation lei?

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 24 oz

White Single Size, Lavender Single Size, Purple Single Size, Mixed Single Size, White Double Size, Lavender Double Size, Purple Double Size, Mixed Double Size, White Deluxe Size, Lavender Deluxe Size, Purple Deluxe Size, Mixed Deluxe Size, Triple Bom, Triple Bom with Tuberose, Triple Jade, Triple Bom with White

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