Maile Style Ti Leaf Lei




Maile Style Ti Leaf Lei

We use Hawaiian grown ti leaves and wrap them for an open, large lei with a deep green color. The twisting lei making style leaves the tips of a few leaves unbraided.

This is a popular lei and a more economical choice than maile. We also provide this lei when maile is unavailable. And since we are not able to ship maile leis to California this is an attractive option. This Hawaiian lei is traditionally worn by men. A maile style ti leaf lei is an open lei that is worn over the shoulders.

Maile style ti leaf lei are about 5 feet long and popular choice for the groom at a Hawaiian wedding.  It is also popular as a graduation lei and will stand out for the male grad. We’ll add an orchid strand that is about 35-40 inches woven into the ti leaves.

You can also add a tuberose strand to this lei.

A strand of tuberose added to this lei means it is a sensitive lei. You must read our Terms and Conditions prior to placing your order. Sensitive leis are not guaranteed in cases where shipping is two days or more.

Tuberose is a bright, white flower. It has a very noticeable fragrance. The tuberose is a bit delicate and will begin to brown if expose to weather extremes. We strongly recommend having someone sign for any fragrant Hawaiian lei. Leaving the box sitting outside on a porch may lead to weather damage.

Ti leave are associated with bestowing good luck. The leis are often given at the start of a new life journey. This could be graduation, a wedding, new job or retirement.

We do have ti leaves if you want to make your own ti leaf lei.

Your maile style ti leaf lei will last for about 5 days from the date they are made and shipped. Keep refrigerated in a closed bag for longer life. No need to mist.

Open immediately and refrigerate in a closed bag.

Usually ships next business day but advance orders are appreciated.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 4 oz

Ti Leaf Lei, Add Orchid Strand White, Add Orchid Strand Lavender, Add Orchid Strand Purple, Add Orchid Strand Mixed, Add Tuberose Strand

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