Red Anthurium


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Red Anthurium – Stems By the Dozen

Red anthurium is one of Hawaii’s most beloved flowers. The deep red color and heart-like shape make them perfect for a gift of ‘Aloha’.

Used in many of our assortments red anthurium also display well on their own. These are taller flowers with a smaller stem. The ‘flower’ is actually a leaf called a spathe. The extended spike is called a spadex. The color of that spike can range from red to yellow depending on the variety of red anthurium. The name means ‘tall flower’. Though they are not the tallest of Hawaiian flowers.

Small are about 3 inches across, medium 4 inches, large 4 3/4 inches and extra large are 5 1/2 inches. If you need the very large exhibition size please let us know in advance. If you need a particular variety please let us know well in advance so we can locate the exact flower for you. We send the full length stem. You can cut to size for your arrangement.

This is another Hawaiian flower that will benefit from a dunking under clean water. Do this before you arrange the stems. Keep them under for ten or fifteen minutes. This helps the flowers last longer.

Careful around children and pets. Ingesting the flower can be toxic. Keep them out of cold drafts or hot sunlight.

You will see these flowers throughout Hawaii where they are a local favorite. They are also used as a landscape flower both outdoors and in open areas of hotels and malls. They bloom throughout the year.

Cut flowers ship Monday through Thursday other than holidays.

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Additional information

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One Stem, One Dozen Small, One Dozen Medium, One Dozen Large, One Dozen Extra Large

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