Orchid Sprays


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Orchid Sprays

Orchid sprays are an essential part of any tropical flower display. Our dendrobium orchids are grown here on the Big Island of Hawaii where they thrive. These sprays are eighteen to twenty four inches tall and will arrive with the lower buds in flower. The upper buds will open over time. Like most Hawaiian flowers they are long lasting. Just change the water every few days and trim a little from the bottom of the stem. Orchid sprays make a beautiful cut flower display with a long life. They show well on their own or with other Hawaiian flowers. The sprays can also be used to create a Hawaiian wedding bouquet.

These are the same orchids we use for our loose orchid blossoms and for making leis and corsages. Dendrobium orchids are not a fragrant flower.

Available in white, lavender and purple. Note that the purple orchids are a solid color and the lavender can be considered more of a blush.

When your orchid sprays first arrive one trick is to submerge the entire stem under clean, lukewarm water. The orchids will drink in the water and this will extend their display life. Keep the water fresh every few days. This will help the buds at the top of the spray open. The lower blossoms will drop first. Just remove them and trim the stem if you like.

If you are looking for an assortment of mixed orchid spray with some added ti leaves see our Okika Hawaiian Flower Assortment. We also offer free shipping on our live orchid plants which arrive in bloom. And to add to your party or wedding decorations don’t forget our loose orchid blooms. Loose orchid blossoms look great on tables, plates and trays.

Cut flowers ship Monday through Thursday other than holidays.


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