Purple Arc Anthurium Stems


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Purple Arc Anthurium – Stems By the Dozen

Purple anthurium, or purple arc anthurium are smaller than the usual red and green anthurium. The purple color is deep and remarkable. This is a delightful bloom. These smaller types of anthuriums are called tulip anthuriums. The spadex is shorter and dark. The bloom is more narrow and long than other anthuriums.

These flowers can be shown on their own for a bold display of purple color. They make a lovely filler for larger Hawaiian flower arrangements.

The stems can also be added to a Hawaiian wedding bouquet. The head of the purple arc anthurium can be used to fashion a corsage.

This is another tropical flower that is long lasting. They can be submerged in lukewarm water at first arrival. Keep the entire stem and bloom under for at least ten minutes. This is a trick to help the flowers last longer. You can repeat this every few days. Also trim the stem from time to time.

Don’t expose the flowers to drafts, heat or temperature extremes. They are rather sensitive to these and can start to turn dark after exposure. Indoor temperatures are generally fine.

Cut flowers ship Monday through Thursday other than holidays.

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