Heliconia Tropic Fleur Stems




Tropic Fleur Heliconia – One Dozen Stems

Tropic fleur heliconia are a type of flower that resembles a bird of paradise.  The flowers are a delicate yellow with touches of orange color. This is a tall and wide bloom. This flower will add both height and some width to any Hawaiian flower arrangement. They have a long stem. They open with three to five bracts. They bloom year round. They also add beauty to any landscape as a plant.

This is a wonderful choice for Hawaiian flower arrangements. They are not seen so often on the mainland. The yellow to peach color of the bloom is a soft pastel.

Tropic fleur heliconia grow wild in Hawaii. They are found mostly in wet areas. The nectar is a favorite of birds including hummingbirds. They are native to South America. The plant is a relative of the banana tree. You can see a similarity in their leaves. However they do not produce fruit and are part of the overall heliconia family.

As with most of our tropical flowers we recommend full submersion in clean water. Let the stem and bloom soak for about 10 minutes. Trim the bottom of the stem cleanly every few days. Keep the water fresh. You can repeat the submersion once or twice a week. It’s a little work but your Hawaiian flowers will stay fresh longer.

When birds of paradise are not available tropic fleur heliconia is our standard substitution.


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