Hawaiian Ti Leaf Lei




Hawaiian Ti Leaf Lei

Green ti leaves are braided together to create this special Hawaiian lei. This lei is made from a special Hawaiian leaf brought by ancient settlers for its many uses. Ti leaf is said to bring good luck to any venture. So it is perfect for graduation, weddings or starting a new business.

The single lei can shipped open or closed

Ti leaf is a Hawaiian staple and is used in most of our Hawaiian flower arrangements. It is also used for cooking.

This lei is done ‘hili’ style or braided into a closed lei. Ti leaf is thought to bring good luck, especially when embarking on a new venture.

Choose single or double thickness.

You can also have your ti leaf lei with flowers added including orchids, color infused orchids or fragrant tuberose.

The maile style is open and is worn by men. It is a nice alternative to wild gathered maile.

Ti leaf leis will last for about 5 days from the date they are made and shipped.

Open box immediately and refrigerate in a closed bag.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Ti Leaf Lei

Single Open, Single Closed, Double, With Tuberose, With Orchids, With Orchids Blue, With Orchids Red, With Orchids Green, With Orchids Yellow, Maile Style, Maile Style with Orchid Strand White, Maile Style with Orchid Strand Lavender, Maile Style with Orchid Strand Purple, Maile Style with Orchid Strand Mixed, Maile Style with Tuberose, With Orchids White

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