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Lady Jane Anthurium Stems

Lady Jane anthurium are type of Hawaiian flower known as tulip anthurium. They are smaller and more narrow than the wide red, green or obake flowers.

The color is a pinkish red or coral color. The stems are long and narrow. They grow well in tropical climates. Lady Jane anthuriums make a lovely cut flower. Arranged and displayed on their own makes quite an impression due to special color. They make a special Valentine’s Day alternative to ordinary roses.

They can add a unique color to any tropical flower arrangement. The size also adds balance. They are smaller than conventional anthuriums. But larger than orchid blooms. So they can be used to fill in those medium sized spaces in your display. This is an older cultivar and there are variations. Some may have a red or yellow spadex in the middle. The picture here shows red.

Lady Jane anthurium are cultivated on farms for cut flowers. The plants can be used for landscaping under the proper conditions. They are sensitive to temperatures below 55 degrees. They also do not do well in bright sunlight. So when you visit Hawaii you may see them growing in a mall or hotel lobby.

That sensitivity to cold should also be considered when caring for you cut flowers. Try to keep them from cooler temperatures and direct sunlight. Change the water frequently. We recommend submersing the entire stem under water for about ten minutes. Trim an inch off the bottom of the stem while the flower is immersed. Do this once or twice a week and your Lady Jane anthuriums can last two weeks or more. This treatment is also helpful for other types of anthuriums and tropical flowers.

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