Kamehaheha The Great – Hawaiian Flower Assortment – Not Arranged – Shipped Mon – Thu




Kamehaheha The Great – Hawaiian Flower Assortment

Send Hawaiian flowers worthy of royalty. This is our most popular assortment with twenty six stems of tropical beauty plus local greenery. That is enough tropical flowers to create a huge arrangement. Or divide them into a few small assortments to place all around the house or to share with family or neighbors.

This makes one awesome Hawaiian flower arrangement or several smaller ones. This selection is a great value and sure to impress.

This has been our top selling Hawaiian flower assortment for years. Twenty six stems are a great value. If you need to send someone a special gift of flowers this is a remarkable choice. We’ve combined all of your favorite Hawaiian tropical flowers. As you can see there is a rich mix of colors. We have included Hawaiian flowers of various sizes and heights. So creating one or more balanced displays is a snap. We have also add our favorite tropical foliage. This greenery, not counted among the 26 stems, can be used to fill in spaces. And the green leaves give your arrangement a natural look. So if you want to give your home a tropical feel for the holidays, a party or any time this is a perfect selection. And these flowers will last much longer than the bundles of stems that you find at a supermarket.

We have named this large assortment in honor of Hawaii’s most famous king. While there was a succession of kings with this name Kamehameha I is given the distinction of ‘Great’. After many battles he made the Hawaiian Islands one kingdom.

Flowers ship Monday to Thursday. Please order in advance. 

Our vase will hold about 12 stems.

Flowers come as full length stems unarranged.

Vase not included. Makes one large or two to four smaller arrangements.

Last minute orders are subject to substitution.

Twenty six stem assortment includes:

  • 3 bird of paradise or tropic fleur heliconia
  • 6 orchid sprays
  • 3 red ginger or exotic ginger
  • 2 anthurium, red
  • 2 anthurium, green
  • 2 anthurium, pink
  • 4 purple arc anthurium
  • 4 ryzo heliconia
  • 8 ti leaves
  • 2 raphis palm
  • 1 song of India
  • 1 monstera leaf


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Additional information

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