Ahi a Me Hau Kea – Fire and White Snow Hawaiian Flower Assortment – Not Arranged – Shipped Mon – Thu


Red ginger, red anthurium, white orchids

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Ahi A Me Hau Kea – ‘Fire and White Snow’ Hawaiian Flower Assortment

Red and white are the themes for this Hawaiian flower assortment. Red ginger is prolific in Hawaii as are red anthurium. We add lacy white Hawaiian orchids and ti leaf to this mix. Surround these flowers with green ti leaves. The broad raphis palm leaf makes a perfect backing for any arrangement you create.

The red and white evoke the sights of the Big Island. Fiery red lava flowing from Kilauea and love white snow on Mauna Kea. Bring the spirit of the islands into any home or office for any occasion.

This is a wonderful Hawaiian flower assortment any time. It is particularly popular for Valentine’s flowers due to the vivid reds of the ginger and heart shaped anthuriums. Red is also popular for Christmas time. Any lover of tropical flowers will find this bright selection to their liking. These flowers are available all year round.

You can extend the life of this Hawaiian flower selection by holding the entire stem under clean, fresh water for about ten minutes. This will let the flowers drink and hold moisture to stay fresh longer.

This is our Hawaiian Flowers of the Month selection for August.

Flowers come as full stems, not arranged. Last minute orders are subject to substitution. Vase style may vary.

Flowers ship Monday to Thursday. Please order in advance. 

Twelve stem assortment includes:

  • 5 Red Anthuriums – Medium
  • 3 Red Gingers or Exotic Gingers*
  • 4 White Orchid Sprays
  • 3 Green Ti Leaves
  • 1 Raphis Palm Leaf*

*California orders will be substituted

Available in 6, 12 or 24 stem assortments plus greenery. Flowers are not sent arranged but as full length stems.


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Additional information

Weight 2 oz

6 Stems, 6 Stems & Vase, 12 Stems, 12 Stems & Vase, 24 Stems, 24 Stems & Vase:

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