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Top 9 Gifts from Hawaii that Anyone Will Love

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Top 9 Gifts from Hawaii that Anyone Will Love

If you’re about to travel to Hawaii, read this post.

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful and exotic places in the entire world, so if you’re one of the lucky few that gets to visit, you should enjoy it. Nothing can quite encapsulate a trip to one of its incredible islands. Everyone you know; friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances, will all be jealous of you.

It’ll be hard not to rub it in when you get back. You’ll want to talk about the amazing experiences you had and whoever you’re telling will wish they could walk a day in your shoes. For their sake, you should bring them back a gift.

When you’re there, it’ll be hard to think of what to get since you’ll be so focused on having the time of your life. That’s why we’re here. In this post, we’re going to tell you the top 9 gifts from Hawaii that anyone and everyone will love.

They can’t come to Hawaii with you, but maybe you can bring a little piece of Hawaii back for them. Let’s get started.

The Best Gifts From Hawaii

What makes a good Hawaiian gift? It should represent the spirit of the islands, but it should also represent the time that you had there. There are a lot of stereotypical gifts that might come to mind, but you should avoid bringing back too many floral shirts.

You should consider who you’re buying for, as well. Try to inspire them to make their own trip to Hawaii one day.

1. Artwork

Hawaiian artwork has a very distinctive style that is hard to reproduce elsewhere. Get some prints or go to a local art fair and purchase a one-of-a-kind piece from an artisan. There are so many talented artists living in Hawaii, you won’t have a hard time finding something.

Reproductions of classic Hawaiian prints are available at many shops, so you can easily get an 8×10 and roll it up to take on the plane back home.

2. Maui Wine

In your travels, you might end up at an incredible winery called Maui Wine. They do tours and tastings, which makes for a wonderful island afternoon. While you’re there, you could pick up a bottle of their famous “Maui Splash” pineapple wine. It’s delicious and made with handpicked Maui gold pineapples.

You may want to grab more than one bottle in case the one you plan on gifting suddenly disappears. This would make a great gift for the parents.

3. Jewelry

Hawaii isn’t just known for their visual art. It’s home to many artisans of all trades and one of the things they’re famous for is their beautiful island jewelry. Island jewelry is usually inspired by nature or comes directly from nature.

The Tahitian Pearl has an interesting gray color and works well on a necklace, while the Opihi and Ni’ihau shells make for great earrings. Get your spouse or child a rare piece of jewelry that they could only possibly find in Hawaii.

4. Coffee

Did you know that Hawaii is the only state in America where coffee is both grown and harvested? Now you do. The most famous coffee company in Hawaii is Kona Coffee, grown in the (you guessed it) Kona district, on the big island.

If you’re more interested in supporting the little guy, then you’ll be happy to know that there are around 700 coffee farms in Hawaii growing award-winning specialty coffees. Luckily, you don’t have to travel to all of them to get a bag of beans. Many are readily available in grocery stores and specialty shops.

5. Hawaiian Sea Salt

Anytime you’re visiting a coastal region, you should try their local sea salts. Hawaii is no different, as they produce and sell loads of sea salt. You can get it in its original flavor, but they also experiment a lot by adding different peppers and spices to create unique flavors.

The Native Hawaiian population use “alaea”, which is a naturally occurring red sea salt to ceremonial bless places and events. If you can get your hands on some of this, it would make a great gift for someone interested in Hawaiian culture.

6. Koa Wood

Koa trees can only be found in Hawaii, which means that you can get some truly unique carvings made from the wood of the Koa. Anything carved from Koa wood makes for a perfect Hawaiian gift, as no two things will ever be the same.

You can basically get Koa carved everything. Go to a shop and you’ll see pens, plates and bowls, picture frames, vases, and furniture. Choose something small that will fit in your suitcase.

7. Ukulele

The ukulele was introduced to Hawaiians by way of the Portuguese immigrants in the early 20th century. Based on the guitar, it’s been used in countless recordings and has become recognized as an unofficial instrument of the Hawaiian islands.

While they aren’t particularly portable as a gift, you can make one of your kids very happy with this uniquely Hawaiian gift. If you bring one home, you can be soothed by the nylon-stringed sounds of the island all of the time. What better way to reminisce about your trip?

8. Chinese Seeds

Despite their name, Chinese seeds have a special place in Hawaiian culture. They were introduced in the 19th century when Chinese sugar plantation workers came over to Hawaii. They’re dried and salted seeds of different fruits that you can find in most grocery stores, but you’ll struggle to find them elsewhere in America.

They make for an easy-to-pack but thoughtful gift for someone interested in world cuisine. There are many to choose from, so head to a seed shop and ask a clerk to give you a hand.

9. Handmade Lei

One of the classic images that the mention of Hawaii conjures is of those beautiful handmade lei’s. We’re not talking about the fake ones that you get in mainland America, but lei’s that are made by hand with fresh Hawaiian flowers.

The beauty of the lei (besides literal beauty) is that there’s one for any occasion. If your daughter is graduating, there’s a lei for that. If your husband got a promotion, there’s a lei for that too. Choose from one of the many colors of fresh orchids, wait a week, and have the perfect Hawaiian gift to bring back for your loved ones.

Don’t Think Too Hard

You don’t have to overthink it. Choose one of these thoughtful and beautiful gifts from Hawaii and all the jealousy will fade away from your loved ones and turn into appreciation. Just make sure that you bring your family on your next Hawaiian vacation…

To order your custom, handmade lei, click here. We make specialty lei’s, flower arrangements, and gift baskets for any and every occasion. Bring a piece of Hawaii to someone’s life today.


11 Classic Graduation Presents Your Loved One Will Adore

11 Classic Graduation Presents Your Loved One Will Adore

Depending on what degree and what college they chose to attend, your loved one most likely spent at least four years getting their degree.

Not only did it take a lot of time, but also a lot of energy to finish their degree.

A graduation is an important milestone that deserves a proper reward. Here are the very best classic graduation presents that are guaranteed to please.

1. A Carry on or Suitcase

Maybe after graduation, the former student is planning some kind of trip or vacation.

Getting them a set of suitcases or a carry on may be a nice, thoughtful, and useful gift. Not only will they be able to use it on this rewarding trip, but they can also use it on any future vacation or work trips.

If your loved one is in college but not planning a vacation, they may still need a way to move back home. Giving them a suitcase will give them an easy way to pack up all their belongings.

2. Weighted Blanket

College can be stressful, but the transition into life after college can be tough as well.

The transition period can be difficult and cause a lot of anxiety and stress. However, a weighted blanket is good at combating that.

Whether you’re just watching TV on the couch or trying to fall asleep in bed, a weighted blanket makes you feel more relaxed and calm. There are all kinds of different weighted blankets, but a good rule of thumb is to buy one that is 10 percent of your weight.

3. A Firestick

After college, your student may be picked off of their parent’s cable or other streaming subscriptions.

Getting them a Firestick from Amazon for their TV is one of the best new ways to make sure that they can still catch up on all of their favorite shows.

It’s super easy to install and can be used on most TVs.

4. Photo Collage

Your recent college graduate probably made a lot of memories during their time there. To commemorate a chapter ending, you can gift them a cool photo collage of all their favorite pictures.

When they move out of their dorm room, they can hang it up in their new place to remember all the fun that they had in between studying.

5. Instant Pot

Now that they’re done with college, they will need a way to make meals for themselves since there won’t be a cafeteria in their dorm room.

With a job, they will also have more money for real meals, not just ramen noodles and PB&J sandwiches.

The Instant Pot is great because it’s a pressure cooker that can do all kinds of things, like slow cooking, sauteing, steaming, or even making other things from scratch.

6. Gift Basket and Flowers

One of the classic graduation presents is a gift basket or flowers. You can never go wrong with these, and they will never go out of style.

You can either send them a small bouquet to let them know how proud of them you are, or you can send them a giant gift basket to celebrate their special day.

One of the other great things about this is that most services offer delivery so you don’t have to actually carry it around all day at the ceremony.

7. Coffee Maker

While they may not have any more 8 a.m. classes, they may have to get up even earlier to go to their new job.

Having coffee readily available would be a great gift to help them start every morning of their new job refreshed.

With a Keurig, they won’t have to spend a lot of time making a cup of coffee; they can set it to brew and then take it to work and be able to leave on time.

8. Blue Apron Subscription

If you don’t want to get them an Instapot, you could also get them a Blue Apron subscription.

This is a great service that delivers all the ingredients you need to make a meal. There are many different options and subscriptions you can get, but their two-person meal plan is one of their most popular ones.

If your grad never learned how to cook before, this is a great way to show them how to do it. They can use the service and cut down from having to deal with grocery shopping.

It is also a cool, interactive way to finally learn how to cook. It’s also a great way to find healthy meals to eat instead of eating cafeteria food every day.

9. Amazon Prime Subscription

College students get a great deal on an Amazon Prime subscription, but unfortunately once they graduate, that deal ends.

Gifting them a membership is a great way to keep their subscription going. Amazon Prime is something that they can use every day and that has so many benefits.

One year of Amazon Prime is $99.

10. A Nice Watch

Now that they are graduated from college and possibly working in an office environment, you could get them a nice watch to go with their business attire.

A nice watch is a great gift because it is something that the grad may not have had enough money to buy themselves but is something they always wanted.

Some watches can be expensive, but if you know your graduate, you may know what kind of style they may like.

11. Best Self Co. Journal

Graduating college can be fun and exciting, but it can be overwhelming as well. Going to college becomes a lifestyle, and it will take some adjusting to get used to being in the workforce.

However, a good way to go through this transition is by writing things down. The Best Self Co. Journal is one of the best ones.

This journal helps you map our your five or ten-year plans and help you list out different ways that you can achieve those goals.

Buy These Graduation Presents Today

Buying graduation presents can be difficult, but these are some great ideas to start off with.

No matter what you get them, your grad will most likely love it.

Start shopping for the perfect gift today.


Gifts for Assisted Living – Always with ‘Aloha’

Finding a gift for someone in assisted living can be a challenge. These are often the people who took care of us in earlier days. So it is natural to want to return that love and caring in a meaningful way. Gifts for assisted living residents can be particularly challenging at during the holiday season.

The ideal gift should be easy to receive and maintain. Our loved ones living in care giving facilities may not find it convenient to go out to enjoy a gift card for shopping or a nice meal. Or to shop on line. Residents often live in limited space both indoors and out. But a unique gift will warm their hearts in a special way. Often the days can become routine. Something unique and lovely will also bring more social interaction as other residents stop by to see what has arrived.

One of our most popular gifts for assisted living residents are fresh Hawaiian flowers.

Flowers for Seniors in Assisted Living


Fresh tropical flowers add beauty and color to any home. They are easy to display and make a remarkable show in even the simplest vase. Those with some time may create a spectacular arrangement of their own. And flowers from Hawaii last longer than store flowers, sometimes two weeks or more. While everyone enjoys pretty flowers your gift will be even more meaningful if your loved ones have a connection to Hawaii. They may have been born here, honeymooned in Hawaii, given military service, or simply loved to visit the islands for its people and natural beauty.

At Alii Flowers we offer a wide selection of Hawaiian flowers for your loved ones. You can send a single assortment for a holiday, anniversary or birthday. As a gift for assisted living our Flowers of the Month Clubs are widely enjoyed. This lets you give a different assortment of tropical stems each month for three, six or twelve months. New members receive a full color book to identify each flower. It also includes arranging ideas in many different, easy styles. We will send them directly to the facility. Either to the guests unit or the front desk with the guests name and location.

Looking for something already arranged? Consider a protea basket from Maui. These come in a natural container ready to display. And the unusual protea flowers grab a lot of attention. Not only does this display last for many days but most of the flowers will dry naturally and can be kept. This is a great gift for those in assisted living as it can be opened and shared immediately without arranging.

For a simpler gift a fresh flower lei can be warmly received. This can be worn on a holiday, birthday or anniversary. For attending services at holiday time a fresh corsage will add a special touch.

The holidays are time for loving and caring. Those in assisted living deserve a special remembrance. If you cannot be with them we suggest Hawaiian flowers as a way to send your own message of ‘aloha’.


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Kukui Nut: What’s It All About?


Kukui Nut: What’s It All About?

First brought to the islands by Polynesian explorers from Southeast Asia, Aleurites moluccana, or kukui, is the state tree of Hawaii. With light green foliage covered in a silvery-white powder, these trees can grow to a height of 80 feet, and they have beautiful and fragrant white flowers. Because the trees and their products are so versatile, kukui trees held an important place in the religion and daily lives of the ancients.

In older times, only royalty were allowed kukui nut leis, and the leis were cherished. Today, they are often given to arriving guests, and many people have added the candlenut leis, bracelets and anklets to their jewelry wardrobes. The bracelets are often shared during the exchange of wedding vows to represent the joining of the two spiritual lights of the bride and groom into a single, holy union.

Kukui nuts were a source of light in ancient times, as well. Originally, the nuts were skewered on wicks made from frond leaves from coconut palms, stuck into the ground or a pot of dirt or sand, and lit one by one. As they provided light, they also helped measure the passage of time. Later, the oils were extracted and burned in lamps.

Spiritually, the kukui trees were once held to be the physical form of Kamapua’a, the pig god of the island culture. The kukui ano ano, or kukui leis, were the first prayer beds used by the Hawaiian people, and they represent light, hope and renewal.

In addition to leis, spiritual symbolism and contemporary jewelry, the kukui nuts may be roasted, pounded and mixed with salt and chili peppers to make inamona, a delicious relish-like condiment. The oils were also used often as medicines and tonics for health. Today, the oils are often used as a skin moisturizer that creates a protective layer on dry skin that allows the area to heal naturally.

The oils and ashes of the burned nuts were used to dye tapa cloth and to polish and waterproof wooden bowls, as well as canoes and surfboards made from koa wood. Crushed nuts can be used to polish kukui nut leis, too.

To learn more about kukui nuts and other Hawaiian traditions, contact us.

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Top Hawaiian Snacks for the Foodie in Your Life

Top Hawaiian Snacks for the Foodie in Your Life

Hawaii is full of delicious treats and snacks to the casual tourist. Whether you’re looking for the best snack to munch on at the beach or looking for the ideal souvenir gift for the foodie in your life, here are the top Hawaiian snacks to consider for every occasion!

Lounging at the Beach:

So you’re in Hawaii and decide to go to the beach. Unless you’re planning to pack an entire luau feast to take along you’re going to need some snacks to munch on while taking in the sun and surf. Why not enjoy some local delicacies to really have the proper island experience? One of the best Hawaiian snacks to pack along for a long day at the beach is Li Hing Mui and dried fruit! When the Chinese people immigrated to Hawaii they brought along their knowledge of drying fruit with salt to preserve the flavor. Plums are arguably the best preserved fruits and “li hing mui” literally means “traveling plum” in Chinese! Some other delicious preserved fruits to take to the beach include dried coconut, dried pineapple, and dried papaya. Not only are the local treats delicious, but the salt will replenish the body after sweating it out at the beach and helps with muscle cramps for those activities like swimming and surfing.

Gifts to Take Home:

Everyone rues the end of a vacation. That’s especially true for those enjoying the days amongst the beautiful Hawaiian beaches and mountainous terrain. What’s even more trying is finding the perfect souvenir for those friends and family back home wanting a piece of Hawaii for themselves. Well fear not, because the best souvenir is one that everyone can enjoy and it’s easy to pack into a suitcase. If you’re having trouble deciding what Hawaiian treat to take back home and give as gifts look no further than a delicious box of chocolate macadamia nuts! A box of chocolate covered macadamia nuts are cheap and can be found in virtually any convenience or gift shop on the Hawaiian islands. Not only that, but they have a rich history with the Hawaiian people since 1927 and make the perfect easy and light gift to take back home for someone you care about.

For those who have tree nut allergies or don’t like the macadamia variety another gift option is 100% Kona coffee! Hawaii is known for its locally sourced coffee beans and nothing is more Hawaiian than the Kona bean. It is cultivated only on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa on the largest island of Hawaii. There are over 600 farms on the Big Island selling coffee. It’s been a recognized brand of coffee globally since the late 19th century and a perfect gift for the caffeine lover in your life.

Of course these aren’t the only two options and Hawaii offers various delicious treats to snack on while the go or to add to a gift basket. Some other options include wasabi rice crackers, lemon or ginger crack seed, assortments of nuts, and flavored mochi! The tasty options are limitless!

For more information on Hawaiian culture or to bring a piece of Hawaii into your life with a personalized bouquet of Hawaiian flowers please feel free to contact us today!

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