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Maui Pincushion Protea – Orange or Yellow Stems by the Dozen


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Pincushion Protea Stems

Pincushion protea are a two to four inch flower that blooms in bright yellow or soft orange. They grown on a compact bush and have a hard, woody stem. If you have driven to the top of Haleakala on Maui you may have noticed them growing there. Farms on Maui devoted to all types of protea are where we source the flowers to ship to you.

Both the color and the texture of the pincushion protea make it special for displays. The unusual texture is unlike any other flower. They are not delicate and invite touching. The yellow or orange colors are easy to compliment with other colors of Hawaiian flowers.

There are varieties in size and shape. The colors are primarily orange and yellow. Though the yellows can sometimes have a bit of pink. And some of the orange can be more red. We will always send you the best, most beautiful pincushion protea available. Like most protea they can be dried. Allow them to remain in the vase with no water once their color begins to fade. You can also tie them upside down in a bunch and hang them in a dark, temperate location for a couple of weeks. Most of the color will become dull but the wonderful shape will remain.

We use them in several of our Hawaiian flower assortments.

Please order in advance.

Pincushion protea bloom primarily in cooler months from November through April. There are usually a few good specimens available up to late spring. For larger orders please contact us in advance.

Cut flowers ship Monday through Thursday other than holidays.

Another native of South Africa the pincushion grows well in Hawaii. It’s nectar is prized be birds with specialized beaks that can reach it.

Pincushion Protea with African Bird

South African bird on protea pincushion bloom




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Additional information

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