Roberta Hawaiian Lei

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Roberta Lei

Roberta lei uses purple and white orchids that are carefully folded for this fresh Hawaiian lei. We then spire the colors around one another for a wide stripe pattern. This is a bold lei with an interesting and complex appearing design. The dendrobium orchids are a natural white and deep, rich purple. Our lei maker must gently create an open cone from the petals. The open top of the cone faces outward on the lei.

The wide striping of purple and white make this a lei that will stand out as a graduation lei, at a Hawaiian wedding or for any special guest. The Roberta lei can be worn by men or women and is suitable for any occasion. The contrasting purple and white will stand out against most any outfit include a graduation gown.

This makes a full lei about two inches wide and over three feet long. It is worn closed and draped over the shoulders. It takes more than 500 flowers to create this popular Hawaiian lei.

It is durable and easy to care for. It fares well when shipping to the mainland, even to the east coast.

When you receive your fresh lei just mist the flowers with a bit of clean water and keep it in a bag in the refrigerator until ready to wear. The Roberta lei is not fragrant. As always we appreciate receiving your order well in advance of your event. May and June are especially busy with graduation ceremonies both on the mainland and here in Hawaii.

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Additional information

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